Aloha! My name is Ariel and I'm a native Hawaiian wahine who started @arielillstrates as a creative outlet for my conservation artwork focusing mostly on birds and plants found around the Hawaiian islands. I was born and raised in Hilo and have worked with various conservation groups throughout the islands. I am a native plant lover and a scientist with an eye for detail (must've been from all those hours looking for bugs in plants and little fire ant surveys). 

I'm fortunate to have hands-on-experience with some of the most endangered species in Hawaii and am inspired everyday to create products to aid their conservation. I've realized that a huge part of saving these species is raising awareness and encouraging others to learn about the threats and issues they face. You can find my work on instagram @arielillustrates which focuses on digital art however I sometimes practice other mediums like watercolor and acrylic. Thank you for supporting my small business!


This shop was barely created by Jordan Lerma at Uheheu.
(He wanted some credit)