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DISCLAIMER: the information provided is based from my personal research and does not represent the perspectives of any mentioned entities or individuals. It's important to note that these infographics are intended as guides rather than absolute truths. I encourage you to conduct your own research to be well-informed and form your own opinions as well.

  • why are native birds important

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    we all love native birds but why are they important to the ecosystem and to us as humans? this poster addresses these questions.

  • recovering america's wildlife act of 2023

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    RAWA, currently an introduced federal act, that could potentially help bring much needed funding to support conservation efforts in Hawaii and across the US if passed.

  • wolbachawhaaat?

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    a bite-sized information of a project being proposed involving multiple agencies to help prevent imminent extinction of native birds.

  • ku kiai manu

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    five w's and one H of the EA for suppressing mosquito populations on Kauai.

  • flyer in support of Maui and Kauai EAs

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    print on letter paper, cut it up and you got four of them to hand out to friends, family, acquaintances, ex's, enemies, or telephone poles.