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Endangered Bird Sticker Pack

Endangered Bird Sticker Pack

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This pack comes with five of the most [arguably] endangered birds in Hawai'i.

Three from Kaua'i:
'akikiki, (Oreomystis bairdi)
'akeke'e (Loxops caeruleirostris)
puaiohi (Myadestes palmeri).

Two from Maui:
'ākohekohe, (Palmeria dole)
kiwikiu (Pseudonestor xanthophrys)

While these birds are small in size and population irl, these stickers are not. Each bird sticker is 3 inches. With a little but of craftiness by cutting the branch edges, the birds can be put together like they are sitting on a branch. When placed together the length is about 12.5 inches.

50% of process will be split to be donated to Kauai Forest Bird Recovery Project and Maui Forest Bird Recovery Project. 

(Hold on

Hawai'i island birds, we're coming for ya!)

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