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Hawaii Seabird Sticker Sheet

Hawaii Seabird Sticker Sheet

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Stickers made with vinyl that will last for years on your hydroflask or yeti that's being tossed around in the back of the work truck or being soaked in your backpack from the field day that just won't stop raining. It'll even handle taking a beating through baggage. 

Just like our popular Buff, this sticker sheet features 24 birds found around the main Hawaiian Islands, listed below. Inspiration photos were taken by Uheheu. 

Great frigatebird, Arctic tern, Hawaiian petrel, Wedge-tailed shearwater, Black noddy, Gray-backed tern, Bulwer's petrel, Mottled petrel, Laysan albatross, Newell's shearwater, Juan Fernandez petrel, Brown booby,  White tern, Black-winged petrel, Hawaiian storm-petrel, Sooty tern, Least tern, Black-footed albatross, Masked booby, Red-footed booby, Red-tailed tropicbird, White-tailed tropicbird, Red-beaked tropicbird, Tristam's storm-petrel, Buller's shearwater

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